Petroleum Site Specialist LLC.

Coming to you with your Fueling Equipment and Fuel monitoring solutions. 

Petroleum Site Specialist, LLC

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Welcome to Petroleum Site Specialist were we offer a wide variety of services. We come to you with solutions to all  of your fueling problems. Petroleum Site Specialist was established in 2016, we offer over 35 years of experience in the Petroleum industy and are able to cover all compliance issues as well as fuel related problems. We come to you with extensive knowledge of Fuel Cleaning and treatment, Tank testing, waste disposal, MDE third party inspections, knowledge of ABC training and much more.

We are Veteran and Women owned company looking forward to working with you to solve all of your Fueling needs in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area. 

Servicing all of your fueling needs!

Service, repairs and installs of all  Veeder Root systems for UST's (underground storage tanks) and AST's (aboveground storage tanks).


Fuel Monitoring

Service repairs and Installs of the Fuel monitoring systems to manage your Petroleum products.

Makes reconciliation a breeze.


Fuel Pumps

We specialize in the maintenance of  dispensers, pumps, and lubrication equipment




Submersible Pumps

Red Jacket

FE Petro


Discover the knowledge 

With a highly-talented, Family-owned Company working in the Maryland, DC and Virginia Area.

Tank removal

No job is too big with all men on deck.

Motor Install

Weather is never a issue. 

Dispenser Upgrade

Keeping all your equipment running at full capacity. 

We are looking forward to working with you.

Petroleum Site Specialist, LLC

PO Box 1412 Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061